The pre selection process involves advertisement in local mass media in order to inform potential applicants about the job. Some applications we draw from our existing data bank. The pre-selection is done by our company management assessing the capability/ competency of the individuals so as to meet employer expectation.


In general, final selection is made among those selected in preliminary stage, through direct interview taken by the employer company or its representative. It comprises of oral as well as practical trade test. Many companies authorize our agency to do final selection on their behalf. Sometimes skype interview is also conducted in employer’s consent.


Trade test are conducted by competent testing board and committed consisting of professionals, experts and instructors at the concern’s Trade Test Centres.


A medical board, including psychiatrists, conducts check-up of selected candidates. Candidates are sent to the doctor/hospital/clinic nominated by the embassy of the respective country which is approved by the Nepal Government medical board as advised by the employer, for the examination.


We assume the responsibility of accumulating necessary documentation of medically fit candidates. Required documents are passport, photographs and related certificates so as to meet their job specifications. We merely do not gather documents, by try to check the authenticity of these documents to our best.


Selected candidates visa applications is made in the respective embassy as authorized by the employee. The process varies country to country. Upon receipt of visa, we initiate departure procedures of the workers.


  1. Once upon receiving visa from the employee company, we get candidates to do mandatory insurance amounting to Nepalese rupees 5,00,000 by paying required insurance premium amount under foreign employment insurance scheme.
  2. We apply for department of labor approval, which take about 4 working days to get final approval from there.


After getting confirmed joining ticket from the employer, before deployment candidates attend orientation class conducted by our company management. It is most prominent factor for the employee to know the working condition, political condition, climatic condition, socio-culture values, rules and regulation of their destination country for their adaptability towards work. So the orientation program is held to give their necessary information based on the recruitment. The orientation directs them to maintain good circumstance and motivates them to their duties and responsibilities.


Total deployment period would be 30-45 working days in maximum driven by visa quantity and both parties consent.

Once we get final approval from concerned authorities we request the employer to provide joining ticket for the earliest available date.