Recruitment procedure at Stupa Overseas is efficient and expeditious. On receipt of the original manpower demands documents from the client, interviews are organized within 7 to 10 days.


The following original documents are required for any recruitment from Nepal:

Saudi Arabia

Visa Slip 
Consulate Authorization letter ( Wakala)
Demand Letter 
Power of Attorney
Commercial Registration Copy 
Employment Agreement Paper

, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain,Senegal, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel & Others 
Demand Letter
Power of Attorney
Employment Agreement Paper

Verification of Documents

On receipt of the manpowerrecruitment documents from you we approach the HMG Ministryof Labor for government permission and they may contact you directly to verify these documents. On such occasions we kindly request you for  your kind co-operation with this verification please.

Interview Process
Day 01 : Advertising in authorized daily newspapers.
Day 05 : Pre-screening of all suitable candidates .
Day 08 : Final interview of candidates by the client and trade tests where applicable.

Medical Check-up
All the selected candidates are sent for medical fitness check-up to the authorized medicalcenters.

Visa process
Only the visa process of candidates who are medically fit and available for travel are processed. 


This Plays a very important role. We brief all the workers about their jobs, safety procedures, the climbing conditions, teach them to honor the different religions, rules and regulations of the country, customs and traditions of the other nationalities they will meet and work with. And we pay special attention to make them understand and respect the Islamic traditions. The object is to give them some idea of their place of work and environment before their departure so that they can adjust easily to their new environment on their arrival in the place of work.


On receipt of the visas we try to dispatch them as soon as possible and as per our experience we normally send them from the day 7 to 14 days. As for Saudi Arabia, the candidates will be deployed within 25 to 35 days from the day the original visa documents are received by us in Nepal.