The prime objective, we have laid down is to provide and supply manpower forces to overseas as per the requirement of the concern organizations. The major objectives we have laid down are:

  • Supply the manpower required by employer organization worldwide
  • Provide manpower related information to employer organizations
  • Provide different categories of manpower on demand
  • Promote Nepalese manpower around the world
  • Scrutiny applications for interest to work abroad
  • Examine documents and it’s validity
  • Orient the manpower
  • Avail specified services
  • Maintain application bank
  • Liaise between employer and employee
  • Cooperate the employees’ family in need

The success of a project or business venture largely depends, among other things, upon a great deal on having component manpower. To reach to the most suitable required employees, there is a need to have a competent and qualified manpower agency as a consultant.
Stupa Overseas , through our stringent selection criteria, recruit workforce and provide them intensive orientation as per the requirement of the employer organizations. Each person is trained not only to discharge his/her obligations but also to dedicate emotionally for the organization. GOC provides each of them with country information and company briefings so as to enable then to be acquainted with the place and conditions he/she would be working. GOC expresses its deep commitment in fostering the professional career of the employees.
Stupa Overseas  expresses our intense desire to assist you to find the most competent manpower from Nepal and tailor your requirements to perfection.